In December, we interviewed Wang Qiumin and Zong Boyu for a customized motorcycle craftsmen story. For the subsequent The Unreasonable Salon at baseCo, we invited Li Qi, a renowned fashion photographer to join our talk.

Li Qi started painting at a young age. Later, he switched to photography and decided to pursue a career in it. Chinese high profile movie stars like Sun Li, Liu Wen, Tang Wei, Gao Yuanyuan, Hu Ge and Zhang Zhen all revealed their true character under his lens. With his strong B&W style and a free spirit of his own, Li Qi made a name for himself in China.

Besides photography, Li Qi loves motorcycles. The one he owns is a bobber style Zero made by Shinya Kimura. “Kimura is a real craftsman and he spent his whole life dedicated to handmade motorcycles. Unlike mass production ones, Kimura’s work shows a rusty and original character. It brings the iron to life”, says Li Qi. “I’ve always had a huge respect for craftsmen. They spend their lifetime polishing their expertise. The high standard they strive for in themselves is astonishing.”

Even though motorcycle culture is still at an early age in China, more and more people are getting involved in its every aspect. We hope this spirit can encourage and inspire more people. The next The Unreasonable Salon is going to take place at the end of January, please stay tuned.



Liqi-The Unreasonable Salon

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