MARCH 8th 2018, SHANGHAI — For the second year running, The Unreasonable has marked International Women’s Day with a provocative piece of content.

Having spoken with many women, they identified that a key barrier to women starting up their own companies, was the fact that they are often forced to make a choice between starting a family or starting a business. Investors will even go so far as to not invest in them if they are concerned that they will not be “fully” committed to the business.

“When we talked to the investors, they were concerned if we were going to have kids,” said Cheng Tingjue, co-founder of All Moving Space that transforms neglected urban space into commercial estates.

“Many companies – especially in the IT industry –  have “wolf culture” and tend to hire men rather than women,” said Diani, founder of Oxygen, an online platform for selective lingerie.

“Gender expectations in China make it tougher for mothers to balance business and family life,” said Sherry Poon, founder of Eco Design Fair.

The unfortunate reality is that as we get older, we are often forced to become ever more reasonable, adapting to the world around us. Meanwhile, our younger selves were much more unreasonable and didn’t see challenges, just possibilities.  To that end, The Unreasonable interviewed many young women who still have that unreasonable spirit, who don’t see gender as a barrier and see opportunities, not obstacles.

The result of those interviews is a short film that reminds and inspires us to be more unreasonable.



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