Anomaly Shanghai in partnership with Unreasonable Studios
launches a documentary that delves into the increasingly important topic of sustainability. Over the last few years, awareness of sustainability has increasingly entered the mainstream consciousness in China, driven most by the decision of the Shanghai government to mandate a system of garbage separation.

For The Sustainability Issue, The Unreasonable partnered with Shi Yan, a comedian and one of
China’s top talk show hosts.Through the film, Shi Yan explores what living a Zero Waste lifestyle could mean, along the way getting advice from different entrepreneurs and organizations: from food delivery giants like, to public welfare projects like Pick-up China; B Corp enterprises like Bottle Dream and furniture megastore IKEA.

As the idea of sustainability rolls out across the China, The Unreasonable organized 10 offline events to further address the topic by documentary screening, second hand exchange party, Sustainability panel…in different cities such as Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Wuhan,Guangzhou.The documentary will be showcased in the exhibition of ShenZhen Design Society from Jan 2020 to the end of the year.

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